The Taxes of New Trotskia

A Story of Voting on Tax Legislation in the Democratic Republic of Trotskia

My country used to be The Democratic Socialist Republic of Trotskia, or just Trotskia for short. The problem, though, is that this communist dictatorship wasn’t so popular with the people. So, they instituted the actual democratic socialist republic of New Trotskia. (The name was kept because of tradition.)

Today, several months after the democracy was created, there is a lot of voting on tax legislation. Being a moderate, I don’t pay much attention to politics. I really should have, because I had to vote today and I hadn’t formed an opinion!

Like every careless citizen of my time, I opened up the Trotter site and hunted for somebody—anybody—to fill me in. Thankfully, I found the perfect sources: they were informed, well-meaning, and reasonable! Just what I needed.

I first watched an advertisement from the Trotskian Green Party. I always liked how they supported climate change control and women’s rights. The ad’s narration yelled, “The People’s Tax fights for you. Those plutocratic big shots don’t want it to pass, though, so make your vote count!”

Then I watched an advertisement for a different tax from the Trotskian National Conservatives. I always liked how they fought for personal freedoms. This ad’s narration screamed, “The proposed ‘Wealth Tax’ wants to take your hard-earned income. Don’t let them take what’s yours, vote against it!”

Now informed and knowing exactly what to vote for, I rushed to the voting station to cast my ballot. I rushed in with no time to waste. I filled out the identification and sped into the curtained booth. I then flipped over my ballot to find but one option: Proposition 104: Yes or no? Confused, I then read the small text beneath: Also named, “The People’s Tax” or “The Wealth Tax.”

This webpage was originally published 28 October 2020 and was last modified 20 February 2021.