Population Size Names

Have you ever wondered what exactly defines a “village,” “town,” or “city?” Thanks to this thing I made of cobbled-together common sense and Wikipedia, you can answer that question!

Population Size Names Guide
  1. Unnamed, 0–30: This population is so miniscule, there is literally not a name for it. Example(s): Freeport, Kansas; Monowi, Nebraska
  2. Hamlet, 30–50: Can also be called a “band.” Example(s): No examples.
  3. Village, 50–100: Can also be called a “tribe.” Example(s): Akhiok, Alaska
  4. Small Town, 100–1,000: This is large enough to encompass the least populated country, Vatican City. Example(s): Vernon, California
  5. Medium Town, 1,000–10,000: This is large enough to encompass Christmas Island, the Falkland Islands, and Montserrat. Example(s): Hood River, Oregon
  6. Large Town, 10,000–100,000: This is large enough to encompass Tuvalu, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Greenland, Bermuda, and Seychelles. Example(s): Springfield, Oregon (Fictional)
  7. City, 100,000–300,000: This is large enough to encompass Guam, Samoa, and Barbados. Example(s): Independence, Missouri; Peoria, Illinois
  8. Large City, 300,000–1,000,000: This is large enough to encompass Iceland, the Maldives, Malta, Luxembourg, Guyana, Cyprus, and Fiji. Example(s): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  9. Metropolis, 1,000,000–3,000,000: This is large enough to encompass Estonia, Qatar, Jamaica, and Armenia. Example(s): Chicago, Illinois; San Jose, California
  10. Conurbation, 3,000,000–10,000,000: This is large enough to encompass Ireland, New Zealand, Palestine, Norway, and Israel. Example(s): Gotham City, New Jersey (Fictional); Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York
  11. Megalopolis, 10,000,000–3.4B: This is large enough to encompass Sweden, Australia, Nepal, Canada, Spain, the United States, India, and China. Example(s): Metropolis, Delaware (Fictional)
  12. Ecumenopolis, 3.4B–10B: This is large enough to encompass the largest possible population of our Earth. It is capped at ten billion people for this reason. Example(s): There are no cities, real or fictional, of this size. There are many larger fictional cities, though.

This webpage was originally published 3 October 2020 and was last modified 29 April 2021.